Sahne wird auf einen Teller mit Schokosplittern und Kirschen gegeben


Every single one of our employees is passionate about our products – from expert chefs who are constantly developing new tastes and flavour combinations, to our fruit sorters who ensure we only have the very best fillings in our desserts!

In order to create a great product every time, we combine classic baking traditions and the expertise of our master bakers with state-of-the-art production methods. Each new product is inspired by our customers and created by our master bakers who are on hand to stir, bake and refine each recipe to perfection. Only the very finest, tastiest of our creations will make it to the freezer shelves.

We achieve this taste perfection by using only the finest dessert ingredients. All of our dairy products are sourced locally, on a daily basis. The soft cheese we use in our cheesecakes is created in the time-honoured way of using 4 kg of milk to make 1 kg of soft cheese. We do this because it produces a firmer, grainier, simply better cheese than if we were to just use skimmed milk.

All of our cream desserts and bakery products are crafted to taste as good as home-made – that’s why you will not find any artificial colours, flavourings or hydrogenated fats – we just don’t believe in them.

Also our experts are working hard to reduce the sugar and saturated fatty acid content in our products and aim to remove saturated fatty acids completely.

International Food Standard

Safety is our top priority!
The IFS Food Standard is a GFSI (Global Food Safety Initiative) recognised standard for auditing food manufacturers The focus of this standard is food safety and the quality of processes and products. We are proud of our IFS certification.

Zertifikat International Food Standard IFS
Organic food

Guaranteed to be organic!
We guarantee that our organic products, such as our organic rye bread rolls "Unsere Goldstücke kernig & kräftig" adhere to the EC regulation on organic products.

Bio-Siegel nach EG-Öko-Verordnung
Certification Body

We follow strict guidelines, including when we launch our products in foreign markets. For this reason we are certified according to the BRC Global Standard for food safety.

Zertifikat BRC Global Standard

Our quality

Our Coppenrath and Wiese brand products are well known for outstanding quality.

To guarantee the high quality and safety standard, we take numerous measures to identify potential risks during the development, production, packaging, transportation and preparation of the food, to minimise any risks and take account of environmental compatibility.

We have complete traceability of every cream dessert and bakery product and can even retrace every step our products have made during each stage of production. We know exactly which ingredients they contain and where those goods were sourced, we even know which commercial customers have sourced exactly which products from us. 

From idea to recipe

First comes the inspiration…

Bilder aus dem kreativen Herstellungsprozess bei Coppenrath & Wiese

Every one of our delicious, high-quality creations is inspired by our confectioners. The confectioners and product developers stir, bake and refine their mixtures for as long as it takes to find the perfect recipe – one that will meet the demands of our discerning customers around the world. Finest ingredients, the finest recipes and exquisite decorations – nothing less will do!

Our suppliers

Only the best will do!

Fruit and Nuts

When it comes to sourcing our ingredients, we are extremely choosy. “We don’t buy anything that doesn’t 100% meet our requirements,” says the head of purchasing at Conditorei Coppenrath & Wiese. Because for us, purchasing isn’t about haggling over terms, conditions and every last penny; it’s about building long-term partnerships with our suppliers. It’s about relationships founded on mutual trust, quality and performance. 
Our purchasing team scours the world to find the finest ingredients for our products:

  • Dairy products for our Cream Desserts and all our Bakery Products are sourced locally, here in Northern Germany. 
  • The milk we use is always fresh full-cream milk. You’ll never find reconstituted milk from powder on our shopping list. 
  • Cream is one of our most important ingredients. We source it locally from a dairy nearby that delivers it fresh every day. 
  • Where would our Cheese Cake be without our traditional soft cheese? It’s produced in the time-honoured fashion using 4kg milk to make 1kg of soft cheese. The effort certainly pays off: our cheese is much grainier, firmer and better quality than conventional equivalents made from skimmed milk. 
  • The fruits that go into our products grow in the best climates in the world. Our apples come either from a region of Northern Germany called the “Old Country” or from the Lake Constance area, near the border between Switzerland and Austria. Our miniature juicy raspberries ripen on sunny plantations in Chile, and our almonds grow on the plantations of California. 
  • We source all of our flour from controlled, integrated cultivation.

Baking for freshness

The high art of baking – revealed

Sahnecreme wird auf einer halbfertigen Torte verstrichen

“Mmmh! This cream torte is delicious! Did you make it yourself?” That’s the kind of question we like our customers to hear. After all, our Cream Desserts and Bakery Products are meant to taste as good as home-made. That’s what our work is all about. But there are two major differences: for one, our Frozen Desserts save you a lot of work. Just buy them, then defrost or bake them. That’s all you need to do! With the exception of our typical German Strudels, all our products are ready-baked and good to eat as soon as they’ve defrosted. The second advantage is that our frozen desserts turn out perfect – every single time!

When it comes to baking, we take our time …

Do you love cream? We certainly do. That’s why it features in so many of our products. Every litre is freshly whipped for supreme consistency, appearance and flavour. With daily output totalling 80,000 litres, keeping up such a high standard is an impressive achievement. So how do we do it? Well, after more than 30 years in the business, we certainly have our secrets – the sweet secrets of our bakery, Conditorei Coppenrath & Wiese.

One thing we’re less secretive about is production, most of which we’ve deliberately kept in-house. From our sponge mixtures and shortcrust pastries to our fruit preparations, we make every part of our products ourselves. Our own peeling machine freshly prepares the apples for our delicious cakes batch by batch. And when it comes to baking, we take our time. The various doughs for the bread rolls we sell in Germany and Austria ferment and mature for as long as it takes for their quality to develop to the full – just like in the old days. Then, when the time is right, they make their way down our automated bakery line, which is several metres in length. This bakes them to perfection for just as long as you would at home.

Skilled hands and a passion for detail

Baking is a question of skill. We stir, mix and knead just as we would if we were baking at home. The only difference is that we work on a larger scale and under the watchful eye of a computer-aided monitoring system. Much of our work is still done by hand: we lay out our shortcrust pastry bases by hand; we take care as we layer our sponges; we take the time to spread the cream flat with a spatula; and our skilled hands finish our Black Forest Gateaux and Stracciatella Cherry Tortes with sprinkles of chocolate and delicately positioned fruits. After all, to see is to desire…

Our complete product range is crafted in our own bakery, which is located in the small town of Mettingen, not far from our head office in Osnabrück, Northern Germany.

Freezing & packaging

Frozen for freshness

Dampfend warmer Kuchen von Coppenrath & Wiese

Freshly baked and decorated, our products are immediately sent into a natural, deep-frozen sleep. State-of-the-art spiral freezers chill them down to arctic temperatures in a matter of minutes. Ultra-low temperatures down to -44° C freeze the outer layers in seconds, sealing in the full moisture and aroma. The benefit of this “shock freezing” process is that the flavours, vitamins and minerals are retained. That’s what gives our Cream Desserts, Cakes and Tarts, National Specialities, Pastry Desserts and Baileys® Desserts their freshly baked taste – and all without added preservatives. Nowhere in our range will you find artificial colours, flavourings or hydrogenated fats.

The only thing we use to keep our creations fresh is the cold. From the moment we whip the cream to final shock freezing and storage, between 100 and 240 minutes will pass. So when you get one of our products out of your freezer at home, it’s as though it had only just been made. You can’t get fresher than that!

Sealed for aroma

Verpackung der Schwarzwälder Kirsch-Torte von Coppenrath & Wiese

Once frozen, our desserts are immediately packed. Airtight foil or folding boxes preserve their aroma, while patented polystyrene and slide boxes help keep our cream desserts at the right temperature and protect them from damage. Our bread rolls, which have been on the market in Germany since 1997, are packed in a sturdy plastic foil bag, making it easy to remove individual items.

Sales & distribution

Specially packed for your freezer

We store our deep-frozen dessert products in our state-of-the-art, fully automated high-rack warehouse. There, they are kept at temperatures of -25ºC for no longer than 14 days. Our very own transport subsidiary delivers them to vendors in special freezer trucks. From ramp to retailer, tight controls ensure a consistent cooling chain constant throughout our German distribution network.

LKW mit einer Werbeaufschrift von Coppenrath & Wiese


When local goes global

At Conditorei Coppenrath & Wiese we produce our frozen desserts exclusively in Northern Germany. But thanks to today’s sophisticated freezing technology, our products can be enjoyed around the world. From the Iberian peninsula and France to the Benelux countries and Austria; from the UK to Eastern Europe, with Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania and Bulgaria, Conditorei Coppenrath & Wiese has an outstanding reputation around the globe. Since 2005 our products have even been enjoyed in homes across the USA and Australia.

And remember: next time you’re on holiday, you could find yourself savouring one of our very own Cheese Cakes or Chocolate Gateaux – because Conditorei Coppenrath & Wiese also supplies wholesalers and service providers in the catering industry.